Vector Illustration
Jack and the bean stalk graphic

Jack and the beanstalk marketing

This graphic is part of a suite of illustrations prepared for Simplyhealth and Denplan to market their awesome online pantomime created by Blue Peter’s Peter Duncan. The brief included a logo, banner advertisements, web banners, social media and email marketing illustrations.

Isometric Illustration

This illustration is part of a collection of isometrics for a book currently in production.

Tunnel Boring
BioMass System

These isometrics are part of a collection of illustrations prepared for a technical journal on biodegradeable waste water treatment.

Aiming Higher

This technical illustration was required for the Aiming Higher Conference. The Simplyhealth Events team needed this scale drawing for the stand manufacturers, fire and health and safety officers.

The large circular elements were inflatable dome tents connected by a tunnel walkway.


This caricature was drawn for Brading Roman Villa and taken from one of their ancient mosaics. ‘Cocky’ as he is affectionately know depicts a man with the head of a cockerel who they think may have been a humorous depiction of Constantius Gallus the Eastern Emperor. (Gallus meaning cockerel). He was not a very popular person and the caricature needed to illustrate his fractious persona.

The illustration was used as a light hearted educational tool for young visitors and school trips to Brading Roman Villa.

Bear Necessities

Concept bear for greetings card range

Tank Illustration

Game Piece


Food Mixer Knob

3D printed part to replace damaged control on food mixer (right image)