Stop Start Campaign

Stop Start

Rationale behind the stop start campaign design concepts

The Denplan NHS if campaign was extremely successful in 2016 – and distinctly different from the rest of advertisers in all media situations. A strong typographical design, with a clear and unambiguous communication.

I was entrusted with developing the next campaign in the series ‘stop start’. 

stop start was to be the ‘Simplyhealth Professionals’ (aka Denplan) branded follow-up. A campaign to recruit new Denplan member dentists across the UK. The main criteria of the brief was to build on the success of the previous campaign but to encourage a different way of thinking – less about moving away from the NHS, more about working together with the NHS.


Stop Start NHS campaign:

This was originally with an agency who failed to deliver so was brought in-house. I spent about an hour briefing Rich on a Friday afternoon and emailed him several lengthy background documents. Deadlines were tight and without being asked, Rich worked on the campaign over the weekend and presented his concepts on the Monday. These were absolutely spot on and we were able to progress the campaign.

Wendy Blackall | Brand Campaigns Executive | Simplyhealth

The design process

These designs were more about developing the typographical theme, focussing on the message alone and as before showing the strength of the Simplyhealth brand assets and using two of the brand colours.

The first two designs show how the design can be used strongly without the need for imagery, for static/rolling banners and digital/print advertisements where graphic real estate is limited.

With the introduction of photography the image can compliment the copy.

First concepts

Typography Only

Even at this size stop and start are noticeably strong and eye-catching statements. Using an icon concept developed from the brand I added a stop and start graphical device to further engage the reader.

Typography + Strong Colour

Stop is already a powerful word to get the readers attention, in this design concept it was further emphasized with strong background colour. Start is more of a suggestion so can be more passive.

Typography + Image

This design is based on the negative and positive sides of the communication, where stop is illustrated in a greyscale and start in full colour.

l The development stage

SHP were interested in bringing through a new element to the marketing communications and imagery was the preferred direction – from this point I continued with typographical and pictorial concepts.

The imagery needed to speak as much as the copy to draw the readers’ attention. In all instances below, the character in the photograph is pensive, taking time out to just think – (this is to augment the heading ‘stop thinking leaving the NHS is an all or nothing move’).

With all of these concepts I have used the bold colour enhanced background for ‘stop(the strong eye-catching effect used in the typographical design).

stop and start are positioned in a way to cascade the message, using this device the eye instinctively goes to stop, then happily and naturally flows to our main point of the advert, and then the call to action.

In the third concept I have used the brand colour palette to show how this can be used to emphasise a message and to subliminally train an eye to the new SHP brand.

l The chosen designs

l Further development stages

The successful concept was extended to digital, used in web backgrounds, static and animated banner advertisements. I have examples of these on the digital/animation portfolio page.